2. This Company shall be composed of each owner or heir of a lot in the Cemetery of the Company, and the owners or heirs shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the shareholders.

3. All shareholders are eligible for the office of Director, on approval of current Board.

4. The affairs of the company shall be managed by a board of Directors to be elected annually by the shareholders at the Annual Meeting held in the month of January or on a date set by the Directors.

5. At the first meeting of Directors after the Annual Meeting, they shall from among themselves, elect a President, who shall preside at all meetings of the Board, and a Vice President who shall preside in the absence of the President.

6. At the first meeting of the Directors they shall elect a standing committee on Grounds, consisting of three members, all of whom shall be members of the Board. They shall also appoint at the said meeting a Secretary-Treasurer, two auditors, and Caretakers/ Custodians.

7. It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer to execute all deeds conveying lots on presentation of a receipt that the lots have been paid for. The lots sold shall be entered -in a Registry Book kept for that purpose, and insert the purchasers name in said book, also the number of lots sold, and the price paid.

8. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a correct account of all monies received and paid out and shall honour all orders on him/her by the President and one member of the Grounds Committee. or two members of the Grounds Committee; and shall deliver up all papers, books and money belonging to the Company at the expiration of his/her term of office, or before, should he/she be called upon to do so by the Directors.

9. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall enter in a minute book to be kept for the purpose, all proceedings transacted at such meetings; he/she shall also give notice to the Directors of all meetings of the Board when instructed to do so by the President; he/she shall keep in his/her possession the Minute Book containing the proceedings of the Annual Meetings, and also the Minute Book of the Board; said books to be open at all times for inspection by any member of the Company and shall also deliver all papers and books to the Company at the expiration of his/her term of office, or before if called upon to do so by the Directors. 2

10. All lots, graves or columbarium niches sold by the company must be paid for at the time of purchase.

11.(a) The selling price of all lots sold shall have care and maintenance fees included equal to 40% of the price set out in the owner’s price list. (b) The selling price of all niches sold shall have care and maintenance fees included equal to 15% of the price set out in the owner’s price list.

12. No interment may be conducted without; a) a burial permit or certificate of cremation b) payment in full to the Cemetery of all fees associated with such interments.

13.(a) Where a plot owner no longer wishes to hold title to same, they may sell their interment rights to another party. The selling price cannot be greater than the price on the Cemetery’s current price list. When the Cemetery is informed of such a sale they will transfer the rights to the new owner. (b) In the event a plot/niche holder wishes to upgrade a plot/niche, they will be credited the original selling price with proof of purchase (deed) less care and maintenance fees. This net amount will be deducted from the purchase price of the new plot/niche. (c) An administration fee of $105.00 will be levied on all transactions in (a) (b)above.

14. All lots sold by the Company are held subject to present, and other regulations enacted by the Company. (a) 4 cremains allowed in 3xl0 plot/l full casket. 2 cremains allowed in 3X3 cremains plot. (b) “Double Decking” of plots will require two cement vaults that are separated by 2 feet of natural soil.

15. The Company reserves the right to care for all lots in the Cemetery.

16. Monuments, headstones, markers and stones must be kept perpendicular and in a proper condition. The Company will have the work done, and the costs of such work will be covered by interest payments received from the Care and Maintenance Fund for that purpose. No fences will be allowed, and corner posts must be placed level with the ground.

17. All headstones, markers and corner posts in sections G.H., F.C., R.A., must be placed level with the ground.

18. No person is allowed to open graves or perform interments or re-interments, or place monuments, headstones or corner posts without permission of the Caretaker or Grounds Committee. Interment of concrete vault or any shell in excess of 34 inches in width shall not be permitted.

19. No person is to remove any sod or dirt or create flower beds, or raise or lower or alter the grade of any lot. Should alterations be requested the Caretaker will make the necessary changes at the plot holder’s expense.

20. No trees or shrubs may be planted in said Cemetery by any plot owner without permission from the Caretaker or Grounds Committee. Any trees or shrubs may be removed at any time by the Caretaker or Grounds Committee. The decoration of graves with flowers is encouraged and appreciated by the Directors of the Company, when said decorations are in keeping with the ‘RULES FOR DECORATION’.

21. Clippings of trees, shrubs, plants, wilted flowers, bottles, vases or waste and garbage of every kind must be placed in the containers for same.

22. All foundations for monuments shall be as deep in the earth as the bed of the grave, and no less than FIVE FEET in any case; and the foundation of the monument shall, where room permits, extend 4 inches on all sides beyond the base of the monument, and flush with the surface of the ground. Foundations shall be of concrete.

23. Headstones, flat or slab form, measuring over two feet six inches above the base, and measuring less than three inches thick are not allowed.

24. No vehicles with heavy loads are allowed to enter the grounds in wet or snowy weather without the consent of the Caretaker or Grounds Committee.

25. No vehicles are allowed to pass over graves or lots, or paths not intended for such traffic.

26. The company will take reasonable precautions to protect the property of interment to rights holder, but assumes no liability for loss of, or damage to, any monument, or part thereof except where such damage or loss is due to negligence. . The company is not responsible however, for plants, flowers, vases, urns or other receptacles displaced, injured or taken from plots.

27. Any person willfully injuring any trees, shrubs, plants, hedges, headstones or monuments; removing or damaging pots, urns, vases, flowers or other articles shall be liable to a fine to the extent of the law; upon conviction thereof.

28. Any decision of the Board of Directors shall be legal and binding on the shareholders until the next Annual Meeting.

29. Purchasers of Columbarium niches will be provided with name plates only. No faceplates with flower containers will be allowed.

30. Times for all interments in Prince Albert Pine Grove Cemetery shall be Monday to Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Rules for Visitors and Decoration of Graves

1) Visitors are always welcome at Prince Albert Pine Grove Cemetery. They are asked to remember the respect due to those who rest here.

2) Children under twelve years are not allowed inside the cemetery except when accompanied by an adult who will be held responsible for their behavior.

3) No person shall play at any game or sport within the cemetery and picnicking is absolutely forbidden.

4) No person shall bring firearms into the cemetery, except for the purpose of a military funeral.

5) Wildflowers or weeds of any sort must not be placed on the graves or brought within the cemetery grounds.

6) Flowers placed on graves will be removed when they become unsightly.

7) Flower urns will be removed from the cemetery October 1st of each year.

8) All trash, dead flowers, etc. must be placed in the receptacles which are placed at convenient points throughout the cemetery.

9) Glassware or crockery of any sort must not be used as containers for flowers or cut flowers, such items will be removed by the caretaker.

10) When parking your car please keep as near the edge of the road as possible in order that other cars may pass without driving on the grass.

11) Speed limit in the cemetery is 15 km per hour.

12) The caretaker and his assistants are empowered to preserve order and decorum in the cemetery. Any person who repeatedly violates these rules will be expelled and barred from entering the cemetery grounds.

13) Dogs must be on leash at all times.

14) Please note decoration date is the fourth Sunday of June, annually.

August 2022